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420 nugs for NSA trade

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It is designed hilarious dating profile a ready reference for law enforcement personnel who are confronted with hundreds of slang terms and code words used to identify a wide 420 nugs for NSA trade of controlled substances, designer drugs, synthetic compounds, measurements, locations, weapons, and other miscellaneous terms trafe to the drug trade.

Although every effort was traade to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information presented, due to the dynamics of the ever-changing drug scene, subsequent additions, deletions, and corrections are inevitable.

Future addendums and updates to this report will attempt to capture changed terminology to 420 nugs for NSA trade furthest extent possible.

This compendium of slang terms and code words is alphabetically ordered, with new additions presented in italic text, and identifies drugs and drug categories in English and foreign language derivations. Chivo; Chopper; Cuerno de Chivo Firearms: Straps Handgun: Cuete; Rofi; Shorts Knife: Filero Long Weapon: Pantalon Rifles: Cuernos Weapon: Bracelet; Fierro. Border Patrol Police: Verdes; F; Los Americanos Checkpoints: Ya terminaron de jugar futbol Cocaine Shipment: Las Direcciones; Frecuencia Crossing: Cheap Jump Cutting Agent: Cortina Dispatch of a Cocaine Shipment: Encomienda Drug Courier: Arreador; Enviciador, Pinguero Drug Loads: Alcance Drug Proceeds: Fuente; Plug Drug Stash: Cholo Hidden Compartment: Clavo Hideout for Criminals: Tradf Informant: Marquilla Jail: Churo; Condado; Escuela Kidnappers: Mula Law Enforcement: Cochis, Pitufo Load Vehicles: Muebles Maritime Voyage Of Miles: Wachos Mexican State Police: Pepos Girls of Olympia Washington nude Mejias Money: Boleta One Million Colombian Pesos: Palo Overdose: Doblar Overdosed on heroin but was revived by EMS: La Seguridad Police: Licuadora Trqde Quality Product: Chafa Prison: Cachucha; Gayola Traed Reconnaissance Aircraft: Ave; Pajaro Refueling Boat: Costeando hasta Guatemala Semi-Truck: Gusano Shooting Gallery 420 nugs for NSA trade drugs are injected: Aguaje Small Boats: Lineas Weight Scales: Nugss Romanas; Tool Box Work is coming: Party Time.

420 nugs for NSA trade

July Restriction: None Originating Organization: Drug Enforcement Administration File Type: Party Time Share this: Related Material From the Archive: