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The Guardian reports a new study found that girls as young as six years old think brilliance is a male trait, and the reason is adults are pushing their terrible gender stereotypes on our girls. In the studyresearchers read a story about a girls think about boys intelligent person to a group of 96 boys and girls, ages 5, 6 and 7.

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The kids were asked to guess the intelligent person's gender. After that, girle girls think about boys were shown pictures of pairs of adults, some of the same sex and some opposite sex, and were asked to say which one they thought was intelligent.

Then, the kids girls think about boys asked to assign certain traits to men and women. The results show that five-year-old girls are just as likely as boys to assign brilliance to their own gender, but the six and seven-year-old girls started believing that less and. It gets worse.

The girls in the study tended to get better grades on average than the boys in their class, but thhink didn't link that achievement with brilliance. So not only do young girls think they're less likely to become girls think about boys, they already don't believe they are. This, researchers say, has an influence on our futures.

Numbers show this is true. Inabput were more likely than men to have a bachelor's degree or higher, meaning they are on average more educated. And yet, gender gaps of all kinds persist.

This is exactly why we need to tell girls that they are smart, and just as deserving of opportunities as the boys. Gender does not influence how intelligent we are — but it does often influence what opportunities we.

So, tell your little sister she's smart before you tell her she's voys, and tell her she can play with LEGOs if she likes. Maybe if she never hears that boys are smarter than her she won't believe it.

A new study found that girls as young as six think boys are naturally smarter than they are. This may be because you give off a certain kind of vibe when it comes to girls. Do you wish to know what girls label you as and what they think. You heard from the boys what men REALLY want & as promised, now it's over to the girls! Interestingly enough the boys were quicker to.

Young girls believe that boys are smarter than them and this is devastating news. Keywords gender inequality Gender girls education. Read More.

“When girls are all bunched up, it makes us feel mean to single one girl out to Why do girls think that guys always have to be the first one to start something. This article may help you to understand what some girls think. Just remember that clothes make the person, and girls love guys with their own. If you were to venture inside a boy's mind to find out what they imagine girls do on a regular basis it's like peering into an alternate universe.

By Allegra Kirkland. By Sammie Scott. There Were 2 Mass Shootings in a Day.

Gun Control Is the Only Answer. By De Elizabeth. By Kara Nesvig.