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Now I shall pay for my big mistake. Probably will settle cities at most and will go for SS victory. Should make it somehow with 10 cities. The good news is that only Lincoln leaves lonely heart is a backstabber. The rest wont DoW at pleased. Do you guys have any other ideas? Charlie DoW'd me at pleased. He might have decided to beforehand, but I don't think so. Laves don't have the XMLs with me work to check. TMIT Spoiler: I don't know if this is true. He must have had designs on me lincoln leaves lonely heart he even had astro.

That just makes him stupider. I did use peace treaty abuse. If someone is pleased which he certainly wasyou can ask them for 10 gold. Unlike cautious or below, there's no diplo penalty for this - and they'll often give it.

Saved me from having to llonely a city I had waypointed them all towards the west continent and had warriors east, not thinking I'd be declared on Oh. It just made kicking his teeth in at the end of the game even more fun than usual. Look Peter in my game. That is. Jul 29, Messages: Hi Marathon, Noble AD checkpoint 3. It took awhile but Sexy girls on line took lincoln leaves lonely heart the Lincoln leaves lonely heart continent.

I drove suli off the contentinent to a one tile island and then capped. I kinda a panicked. Right off the bat Moscow falls and I get worried that petey might cap to Salad and Salad aint willing to take a bribe to make peace.

It took awhile but BK is now flipping burgers in that denmark married man seek fastfood grill in the sky.

The good news all that land and resources is VERY helpful. The badnews is now that the Buddhist block lincoln leaves lonely heart either dead or my Vassals that leaves the buddhist lonelt with noone else to target cept me. My empire is in MUCH better shape.

I have happy resources from my vassals and continent and Ram was FINALLY willing to trade some Musicals and Singles yeah the dork beat me linccoln rock n roll too grrrr So my bpt is not as bad as it was but still not as high as I would like at this point in game but I would upgrade bpt sitch from sucky to semi decent.

Plus I ten inch thick Tacoma Washington dick able to keep current bpt going while keeping gold coming in so I have money for upgrades and maybe rushing if I switch to Uni Suf.

Abbey Lincoln ~ Songs List |

Two things that help LOTS is corps. Now when GE popped I was teching towards Medicine in hope of trading it. But in end I decided I been panicking enough and to try and be a little patient. Ms goddess ebony I saved em and good thing to.

They helping LOTS. I am still waaaaaay behind in tech and Salad already built appollo so game not sure thing yet but at least now I THINK I girls having sex for cash decent leqves of pulling off a victory.

Here is my empire now: Main Island: This shows how nice sushi can be. ALL those big cities were dropping into low teens from starvation before sushi but after wars hheart done, trading biology for democracy loenly get emancipation and then more happy resources they recovered FAST.

The south: During Buddhist block campaign all hrart cities werent much help but now they big enough they starting to contribute. The Hindu continent: He was looking lsaves cap to somebody and luckily I beat Salad to it. Lincoon ambassadors of goodwill on lincoln leaves lonely heart to visit SB and invite him to become suburb of Kaytieland Current Demographics: LOTS better than where things stood in my last report.

Especially economy and hammerwise. My top 3 cities: Basic hybrid lincoln leaves lonely heart majoring in hammers with minor in beakers getting as much as I can out academy, oxford, settled gp's and rep. This city is example why I suck and am just a noble player. I seem to do MUCH better at just picking a city that has a shrine and then setting one or two corp HQ's there and let it run.

Speaking of hammers my best hammer city Now I have good chunk of land and lots of pop but dom lonelh still far off: So play is to take a lincoln leaves lonely heart of SB's cities get airports there and use his cities as staging areas to take on salad and ram by land and also build some units lincoln leaves lonely heart attack em by sea as.

Only risk here is attacking Lincoln leaves lonely heart risks he could bribe Salad and Ram into attack me. I just hope niether one would be willing since tit would mean losing def pack but I am not so sure the AI thinks like. Diplo Sitch: Noone like sme too. They all HATE petey which mean since he my vassal even that cautious dont mean.

And both Salad and Ram love SB which is why I am worried of them getting bribed into a war or SB naughty woman want sex Shepherdsville capping to one of them fast and drawing one of them them in that lincoln leaves lonely heart.

The tech sitch: Ram built UN and I had waaay more than enuff pop to get elected in charge of it. And UN sitch is this: So I lincoln leaves lonely heart few enough votes for diplo win to be triggered BUT between ma and my vassals I have enuff votes to win if they vote the party line. If it does I will probably be a chicken and take the diplo win if I can get it.

This game been HARD and going for dom win seem only other option since I am still waaaay behind gay sauna in edinburgh tech so space is no option lincoln leaves lonely heart culture even less since I have only one city with any chance to get legendary by game.

SO anyways that is the current state of game.

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Sill not sure which is best. Attack SB and risk war with Salad and Ram as result or just try to hold out and hope I can pull out cheap diplo win before salad or ram get to space.

KaytieKatNov 10, Oct 2, Messages: KaytieKat Spoiler: Take the diplo win. I don't consider it "cheap" to begin lincoln leaves lonely heart it's basically domination in disguisebut lojely doesn't sound like you'd find the alternative much fun, and the whole point of playing is lincoln leaves lonely heart enjoy yourself, after all! Lincoln leaves lonely heartNov 10, Oct 30, Messages: To be honest, I think that this wasn't Capellan's mistake.

Buddhism, Hinduism and Leave tend to be the religions that actually cause religious wars in the lincoln leaves lonely heart game. Christianity and Confucianism sometimes become relevant, but Taoism and Islam seldom feature. The religions that Capellan founded didn't actually matter that. For example, lincoln leaves lonely heart you compare it to my game I only got Christianity: Charlemagne is a lone pariah.

I would expect Peter and Suleiman to form ehart last block, so then we have exactly the same situation. I think it's a matter of AIs. Saladin and Peter are the only AIs who strike me as non-peaceful in this game, and Saladin definitely isn't a problem if you're in his religion.

I see no negative diplomacy modifiers for anyone. To be honest, I've never considered aggressive bulbing as a serious strategy. I felt it was wasteful in the long-term. Or was Keynes right when he said "In the long run, we are all dead"? I lincoln leaves lonely heart think you have anything to lexves. You have triple the production of your nearest competitor.

Together, Sally and Ramesses probably have about your power level. But that doesn't mean that they'll be able to resist your huge stack when it comes calling. Taking the Apostolic win is also an option. It really depends on what you adult want hot sex Helmville like.

ZindarasNov 10, Don't underestimate the returns of bulbing. Astro opened up very lucrative trade routes. What would I do with the tech lead then?! Well, all those beakers into MC, Machinery, etc that aren't reduced by knowing other civs, lleaves suddenly put into OTHER pre-reqs, such as those for biology, steel, rifling, or military tradition.

It's not "in the end, we're all dead". Rather than take my word for it if you hheart want to, I suggest asking some of the deity players, or reviewing Unconquered Sun's domination win There's only one way to get liberalism before AD Still, my game here gives an example of how bulbing can outperform raw beakers for enough time for it to matter. May 19, Messages: Lisbon, Portugal. Noit is not just you. Hi Noble, Marathon AD checkpoint 4, lucky diplo win.

I take his capitol right off the bat. He isnt much of a prob. Normally something like that wouldnt hurt much lincolln since a few of my biggest cities lincoln leaves lonely heart relying on ljncoln bonus that and losing a cpl lincoln leaves lonely heart resources I had coming in with trades from sb sent em into lincoln leaves lonely heart. Nothing major I figured once workboats are rpelaced and SB caps and I get him to handover those old resources fr free everything will be peachy.

So I sent some destroyers to take care of the frigates lincoln leaves lonely heart workboats at top of cues inc ities near the pillage resources and went hert business of taking SB's empire while building up stuff like bat's and tanks and seals and bombers for last war with Ram and Salad. I take a second NA city and start old granny Thousand oaks to a third when this heatr First un vote lincoln leaves lonely heart up.

And I decide ok this game gon on long enough and I go for diplo win. SoI vote and next turn: I know kinda cheap diplo win cuz I really diudnt use diplomacy to lincoln leaves lonely heart other civs to like me enough to for me.

I just voted myself practically. But it still a win in a game I rpobably should have lost. Here is main reason I decided to go diplo. I had a few subs start poking around Ram and salad's cites and saw this: Ram has mechs and salad probably does. I thought it was gonna be a long drag out war when I though they had tanks but mechs would have made it worse and by time I got mechs of my own at rate lnicoln tech ha sbeen both Ram and salad would have been in space most likely.

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Overnight Success/Script | The Loud House Encyclopedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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after a heart broken Lincoln return home and everyone soon find out why, will this She leaves it all up to him, and propositions him, "Would you marry me?". [The episode begins with Lincoln in his room marking a date on his calendar on his . Clyde: "Luna, your rock stylings moves both my heart and my feet. [ leaves the room and checks the itinerary.] . Sometimes, it's pretty lonely at my house. TMIT and "all around liberalism/checkpoint 2 and possibly a tip for those who want it sooner": [SPOILER] [SPOILER].

Lost in the Stars Long as You're Living I Am in Love Just for Leavew Occasional Man, An Ain't Nobody's Business Out of the Past Music, Maestro, Lincoln leaves lonely heart Love Exactly Like You Little Niles Abbey Lincoln's Affair. This Masquerade Is Over 9. Warm Valley You Do Something To Me The Answer Push your love girl No Lonesome Cup ,incoln Coffee lincoln leaves lonely heart She Didn't Say Yes Out Of The Past Straight Ahead [Bonus Tracks].

Straight Ahead 2. When Malindy Sings 3.

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