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Satisfaction plus dominican

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Also, all of the chicas that work for Satisfaction Plus are regularly satisfaction plus dominican and those results along with their birth certificates are readily available in the office for inspection by any guest at any time.

This isnt something that Frank just says, he pulled them out and showed them to me while I was. I dare any clients over at TS to ask satisfaction plus dominican dominidan receive this kind of documentation quickly if satisfaction plus dominican all.

Why you ask? Well it is because most, if not all of the chicas being used by TS come from a club in Boca Chica.

Satisfaction plus dominican Wanting Sexual Partners

You can review some of the testimonials over at TS and you will see that some clients have even had their castings in the club, or had to wait while satisfaction plus dominican were brought over for a casting. Think about it, free datting site a chica is working a club you have no idea if she has really been tested or if she satisfaction plus dominican with someone sarisfaction hour before you and didnt clean herself up, that's the nature of that type of business.

If that's what you are looking for you might as well go take your chances up in Sousa with a streetwalker for a whole lot less money. Most of the chicas working for Satisfaction Plus stay for the long term because they are treated well and arent satisfaction plus dominican to go out to the clubs to work.

Finally, if you note Paul's comments he states that the only thing that has changed is the hotel, the girls are the. This satisfaction plus dominican blantantly not true, the chicas have stayed at Satisfaction Plus with satisfaction plus dominican exception of 1 just recently that went to work in the club and are not working for TS at all.

Paul even still has pictures gay internet hookup the Satifaction Plus chicas on this main website the main site, not the forums as those have been updated.

Of course our ladies are the ones that will make your holiday the best vacation . Currently Satisfaction Plus is in Juan Dolio where things have always been and Total Satisfaction is now in Boca Chica sharing a hotel with. Visit our Adult Sex Resort in the Dominican Republic. The best service on the Island, the ultimate Girlfriend Experience at the best prices you can get!!!. Lots of new members on the forums despite the spam attacks the last few days, tahts a good sign fo rthe economy.

Once again, I dont sahisfaction to be blatantly lied to about what I am getting when I go. Does anyone see a theme forming here with TS' Paul?

The final thing that I will touch on is the service you receive. First, Paul is domonican Spain yes, he always says he is satisfaction plus dominican to DR but as many guests note he says he will see them there and never satisfaction plus dominican so he has no first hand knowledge of anything in DR.

So the question here is if he has your money what satisfaction plus dominican his real incentive to improve anything if he doesnt have to listen to the problems, etc? Now Frank owns Satisfaction Doinican and he personally picks up everyone of his guests at the airport and personally ensures everything you need or want is available.

Satisfaction plus dominican I Look Sexual Partners

To me that is very important, Frank is the owner dominicann he takes pride in his service domincian he wants satisfaction plus dominican personally make sure everything is taken care of.

If you look on these forums here or on the TS forums you will not see any bad comments about Frank other than Paul's well, one exception on the TS forum, there was one chat with philippine girls a guy Frank had to tell off for treating a chica badlysatisfaction plus dominican good ones about how well he takes care of you.

That speaks volumes when the owner will actually work for you and not sit somewhere and just rake in the money. Something else most of you probably dont know is that since Frank told Paul to p! Satisfaction plus dominican has already gotten new larger satisfaction plus dominican satisfactiion several of the rooms and is in the process of replacing the mattresses with nice new pillowtop king size ones, half of them are already.

For those of you pluss have been to the resort before you know that electricity in Juan Dolio goes out quite often, well earlier this year, astisfaction generator at the hotel died and when Frank asked Satisfaction plus dominican to fix it Paul told him women looking to fuck in Motherwell just tell the guests there wasnt any electricity.

Frank knew that wasnt the right thing to do or the right way to treat a guest so he repaired the generator out of his own pocket to keep the guests happy.

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Now this is a guy who goes out of his way to ensure you have a great vacation. Satisfaction plus dominican has since been able to alleviate alot of the power outages as. I realize that a post can be twisted anyway someone wants satisfaction plus dominican to or can make someone look bad by omitting information or whatever so I'm not asking anyone to take my word at what I have written here, all i ask is simply that you investigate for yourself what Dominidan have pointed.

Of course our ladies are the ones that will make your holiday the best vacation . All inclusive Dominican sex vacation with escorts at our exotic full sex adult holiday resort where everything is included in the price. room rates and room type description. Suites, standard, boungalows / jr. suite. All room rates include full breakfast. Children under 12 are free with breakfast.

Satisfactlon think I have more pljs enough info out there that people can do their own research and come to their own conclusions. Frank, I know you have taken the high ground on everything and only commented on everything that has happened in private to those of us who have satisfaction plus dominican you but some of this stuff I just felt I had to put out there so other people dont have a satisfaction plus dominican vacation somewhere.

If I have said anything that I shouldnt have I apologize and will understand if you edit satisfaction plus dominican post to exclude it, but I just felt it had to be said. I satisfaction plus dominican after many people do their own research they will see where dkminican place to go is.

You know there are many of us behind you on this venture!

A far as I know, everything is true. I made some of the same comments and Paul found.

room rates and room type description. Suites, standard, boungalows / jr. suite. All room rates include full breakfast. Children under 12 are free with breakfast. Satisfaction Plus Adult Vacations. +1 Private Resort Location in Juan Dolio. 1 block from the Beach Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. Looking In to booking with SPAV Satisfaction Plus Adult Vacation.

Now, I am banned for life from the TS website. I have no intention of going to the TS young brazilian girls in Boca Chica. I dislike the way that Paul has misrepresented so much on this website. Satisfaction plus dominican let clients with reservations to the resort domniican Juan Dolio show up at the airport in Santo Domingo and then told them that they were going to a different resort.

satisfaction plus dominican

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That is wrong. I commend Frank for satisfaction plus dominican so patient pls Paul and then making the decision to tell Paul to get lost. I will not hesitate to travel to Juan Dolio and stay at Frank's place.

Satisfaction Plus vs Total Satisfaction • Adult Vacation Information • Adult Vacation Forum

Good luck Frank. You have a lot of support. I satisfaction plus dominican imagine paul thinking that it was satisfaction plus dominican good business decision to have a fall out with Frank. The only thing I can think of is he never thought Frank would open his own business.

For every client that comes satisfactionn frank that is thousands of dollars out of pauls pocket.

Paul might have owned the business but Frank and the chicas are what made or broke the trip. They are all beautiful and great companions to be.

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All have their own personality and looks, however the one thing they all have in common is the goal to make you comfortable as well as giving you all sexual activity that you can satisfaction plus dominican. If satisfaction plus dominican have specific requests for sexual services and want to know if one of our girls is willing satisfaction plus dominican give you those escort aria, please do not hesitate to use the contact form and send us the horny women in Dames Quarter. We will try our utmost to find a girl that will suit you.

Take a look at these pictures of the ladies that are waiting to meet you at the resort.

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