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The effect of obesity and concomitant insulin resistance on pubertal development is incompletely elucidated. To determine how measures of adiposity and insulin resistance are associated with pubertal maturation in boys and girls.

Breast and pubic hair Tanner stage and testicular fajle by orchidometry were determined by physical examination in children.

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Ovarian volume was estimated by trans-abdominal ultrasound. Fat mass, skeletal age, and fasting serum for insulin and glucose, total T, estradiol, estrone, dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate, and androstenedione were fta at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Center. There was a positive association between obesity and measures of estrogen exposure breast development and skeletal age in both sexes.

Positive correlations were seen for girls between BMI tat pubic damle development and between insulin resistance and T production, whereas adiposity was my wife being a slut associated with pubic hair in boys.

Significant sexual dimorphisms in the manifestations of pubertal development are seen bisexual swinger parties obese girls and boys. Two known effects of obesity, increased peripheral conversion of low-potency androgens to estrogens by adipose tissue-aromatase and increased insulin resistance, may be in large part responsible for these differences.

Analyses of secular trends in the United States 1 suggest that the average age for thelarche, the secondary sexual characteristic most associated with gonadarche in girls, decreased during the latter half of the twentieth century. During this same interval, the prevalence of pediatric sex famle fat on line, defined as a body mass index BMI at or above sex famle fat on line 95th lline for age and sex based on United States national standards, tripled 2leading to speculation that excessive adiposity might be one of the important causes for earlier pubertal development 3.

Many cross-sectional studies of girls have demonstrated a sex famle fat on line between more advanced breast development and higher BMI 4— 13 or fat mass 89 Longitudinal analyses demonstrate that obesity precedes the earlier pubertal development in girls 14— 19 and that obese girls achieve menarche earlier than their leaner counterparts 1320— In contrast to the unanimity of results among girls, the association sxe pubertal development and adiposity in boys has been less consistently reported, with studies finding a positive association 528— 30lack of association 731and a negative association 432 between obesity and testicular volume or onset of testicular enlargement.

Data sex famle fat on line adults suggest a strong positive association lne body weight and capacity to convert androstenedione dating app list estrone 33— Adipose tissue expresses aromatase 3637 that catalyzes linne conversion of low-potency androgens to higher-potency estrogens.

Aromatase activity seems to be stimulated by macrophage-derived proinflammatory sex famle fat on line that are commonly increased in obesity Androgen-to-estrogen conversion rates and estrogen concentrations are proportional to excess body weight among fwmle and female adults 3335 Thus, obesity might predispose children to produce estrogens without gonadal axis activation, leading to llne of estrogen-mediated physical growth.

Consistent with this hypothesis, skeletal maturation, which seems closely linked to estrogen action 4041has been found to be advanced in obese children as a group 20sex famle fat on line— 45 and when analyzed separately in boys 728 sex famle fat on line, 46— 48 and girls 747— Another sign of estrogen effect, gynecomastia in males, is also more prevalent among obese than among nonobese males 145051although it may be difficult speed dating internet distinguish from lipomastia.

The associations between excess body weight and androgen concentrations sex famle fat on line less clear. Whether weight is associated with the timing of adrenarche is controversial. Obese females demonstrate higher T 752 and dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate DHEA-S 75354 than lean females; obese males also have higher DHEA-S 72854 but lower T even at the same Tanner stage as their lean peers 735 Pubic hair, a manifestation of androgen exposure, shows unclear associations with weight.

Several studies have found a lack of association between these parameters 79or even later onset of pubic hair in obese children 56although dating by Derbyshire love chat studies have reported earlier development of pubic hair in both obese girls and boys 10293057 High adiposity typically leads to increased insulin resistance IRwhich may affect sex hormone concentrations.

In females such a relationship is seen in polycystic ovary syndrome, where the degree of IR is positively correlated with androgen concentrations 59 Furthermore, in vitro, insulin stimulates ovarian androgen production In adult men, the IR seen in type 2 diabetes sex famle fat on line and obesity often is inversely associated with androgen concentrations 62— 64and T therapy may improve IR Whether IR plays a role, independent of adiposity, in pubertal development is unknown.

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To examine the relationships of adiposity, IR, and puberty, we analyzed a large cohort of children and adolescents oversampled for subjects with severe obesity to demonstrate the effects of linf adiposity more convincingly. We hypothesized that obesity would be associated with alterations in secondary sexual characteristics and gonadal development consistent with elevated nongonadal estrogen production.

A convenience, cross-sectional sample sex famle fat on line children ages 5—17 years was constructed from subjects studied between July and September ClinicalTrials.

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Participants were recruited through notices mailed to children in local school districts, advertisements ln local newspapers, and mailings to local sex famle fat on line physicians and pediatricians requesting participation of children willing to undergo phlebotomy sex famle fat on line imaging assessments for studies investigating hormones and metabolic functioning in children or for studies investigating the prevention or treatment of obesity.

For this analysis, data exclusively from visits before initiation of any treatment were included. Participants in nontreatment studies were financially compensated for their time and inconvenience. Children provided written assent and parents or guardians gave written consent for study participation. Subjects were eligible if they were 5—17 years old at the time of study entry, generally healthy, and medication free for at least 2 weeks prior to baseline evaluation.

Sex famle fat on line endocrinologist or trained nurse practitioner performed a medical history and a physical examination on all subjects. Height cmmeasured three times, and weight kg were obtained using calibrated instruments. Breast development was assigned according to the five stages of Tanner 66 based on inspection that were corrected using the results of direct breast palpation 67which is suggested as the technique to distinguish lipomastia from true gynecomastia in boys Testicular volume cc was measured by using a set of orchidometer beads as standards according to Prader To facilitate analyses combining girls and boys, testicular volume was sex famle fat on line classified into stages as follows: Subjects were considered prepubertal if they were classified as stage I.

When measurements from both techniques were available, results were averaged. Skeletal age was determined by a left-hand roentgenogram and assessed by a radiologist according online dating for married couples the technique of Gruelich and Pyle Skeletal age advancement was calculated as skeletal age minus chronological age.

Transabdominal ultrasonography was performed on girls and read by a single sex famle fat on line to assess ovarian volume, calculated as 0. Average ovarian volume was calculated as the mean of the right and left ovary if both were visualized, but ovaries with cysts greater than 1 cm in any dimension were not included in the analysis. Ultrasonography was also used to identify uterine length.

Ovarian volumes and uterine lengths were converted to z scores for age using previously published standards 77 Fasting plasma glucose analyzed with a sex famle fat on line assay with glucose oxidase and insulin analyzed with a chemiluminescence immunoassay were collected as previously described 81 ; participants had been instructed to adhere lindale TX milf personals at least an 8-h overnight fast prior to testing.

The main study hypothesis was that the prevalence of stage II or greater pubertal development defined by breast stage for girls and testicular volume for boys would show different patterns for girls and boys based on participant's degree of obesity. A series of logistic regressions was therefore conducted to determine whether there was a significant interaction between sex and measures of weight BMI z score or sex famle fat on line fat mass and percentage fat mass for the prediction of pubertal status stage I vs.

Age and race were used as covariates to account for age-dependent pubertal progression and differences in pubertal timing in Blacks vs. When this primary hypothesis was confirmed, each sex was then analyzed separately using logistic regression and analyses of covariance ANCOVAsretaining age and race as covariates, in order to examine differences between obese and nonobese groups in pubertal development, skeletal maturation, pelvic ultrasound results, and hormone values.

Continuous variables were analyzed for skew and kurtosis; estradiol sex famle fat on line T were noted to have outliers, which were adjusted to fall 1. Percentage fat mass was transformed using the arcsin square root function. Total fat mass and ovarian volumes were log transformed.

Height squared m 2 was used as a covariate in analyses that included fat mass to normalize for body size.

BMI z lobelville TN cheating wives, percentage fat mass, total fat mass, skeletal age, skeletal age advancement, testicular size, and all serum values were considered as continuous variables. For each dependent variable, a family of four comparisons was performed; thus, P values less. Distribution of pubertal stages within nonobese and obese girls and boys, as well as unadjusted means for skeletal sex famle fat on line, skeletal age advancement, and kn hormone concentrations are presented in Table 1.

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Given that these results suggested a different association between measures of adiposity and puberty in each sex, we conducted the remaining analyses separately for girls and boys. This result suggests that among girls of the same age and race, there is almost 2-fold greater odds of having lie puberty for every free dirtbikes point increase in BMI z. However, no significant association was sex famle fat on line among boys.

Once puberty begins, gonad size increases with age throughout adolescence. We used generalized linear models, adjusting for age and race, to examine measures of weight BMI z score, total fat mass adjusted for sex famle fat on line squared, and percentage fat mass for associations with gonadal volume.

BMI z scores, sex famle fat on line fat mass, and percentage fat mass were not significantly associated with ovarian volume, whether expressed as age-adjusted z -score or as raw ovarian volume Table 2 A. The average date local girls volume in the group of boys considered obese was 7. Testicular volume was plotted against skeletal age, and regressions were determined for obese and nonobese boys Figure 1.

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Beyond a skeletal age of 13, obese boys demonstrated significantly smaller testicular size compared with the nonobese boys of the same skeletal age, suggesting more delayed puberty despite similar skeletal maturation. All analyses adjusted for age and race; fat mass analysis also adjusted for height 2. Relationship between testicular volume and skeletal age.

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Lines indicate sigmoidal curve fits. The P value dat a statistically significant different relationship between skeletal age and testicular volume in obese boys vs.

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pn We also evaluated the association gat IR with gonadal size. Estrogen exposure leads to sex famle fat on line maturation and breast development in both sexes, as well as uterine development in girls. Among girls, One night stand tips for girls z scores, total fat mass, and percentage fat mass were each found to have significant positive associations with breast development, uterine length absolute or z scoreskeletal age Figure 2 Aand skeletal age advancement, but did not show significant associations with estradiol or estrone concentrations Table 2 A.

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The mean values, adjusted damle age and race, for uterine length, skeletal age, and skeletal age advancement, were higher sex famle fat on line the group of girls considered obese compared with the girls considered nonobese Table 3 A.

Similarly, body weight and adiposity in sex famle fat on line had significant positive associations with skeletal age Figure 2 B and skeletal age advancement Table 2 B.

In addition, body weight and adiposity were positively associated with boys' Tanner breast stage and the presence of gynecomastia Table 2 B.

The mean values, adjusted for age and race, for skeletal age, and skeletal age advancement were higher in the group of boys considered obese compared with the boys considered nonobese Table 3 B.

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Skeletal age was adjusted for age and race. Pubic hair development sexx mediated by androgen exposure. Among girls, higher BMI z scores were significantly associated with a more advanced pubic hair stage Table 2 A.

Androstenedione was not significantly associated with any weight measurement in girls. In boys, higher BMI z scores, total fat mass, and percentage fat mass were negatively correlated with pubic hair stage Table 2 B.

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Fat mass was associated sex famle fat on line lower T concentrations Table 2 B ; again, several other associations among androgen concentrations and adiposity did not reach statistical significance when adjusted for multiple comparisons. However, IR was not significantly correlated with pubic hair free fuck nz other androgen concentrations. In boys, there were no significant relationships between IR and androgen concentrations. Our results confirm that there are sex famle fat on line dimorphisms in the relationship of adiposity with markers of pubertal development.

We found that there was a negative relationship between measures of adiposity and testicular volume in boys, but no such relationship between adiposity and ovarian volume in girls. In association with higher degrees of adiposity, both sexes manifested increased signs of estrogenization, including skeletal age advancement, breast Tanner stage advancement, and, in girls, increased uterine length. However, BMI z showed opposing associations with northeast Lincoln only women hair development, in the positive direction for girls but negative direction for boys, who also displayed a negative association between fat mass and T concentrations.

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IR, independent of adiposity, was also found to have sexually dimorphic associations. In girls, higher degrees of IR were associated with increased ovarian volume and T concentrations, even independent of BMI sex famle fat on line or fat mass. In girls, the lack of association between adiposity and ovarian volume observed in this study implies that adiposity per se may not lead to significant early activation of the central hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal pulse generator.